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Enterprise Server

Unisys ES7000 - One

Offers mainframe-class characteristics on an open server platform. Built on Intel Xeon and Itanium processor technologies, the ES7000 features the Cellular Multiprocessing (CMP) architecture, a design that reflects our mainframe expertise. What's more, the ES7000 includes the same comprehensive array of built-in, value-added hardware and software extensions found on our ES5000 Series. Ad link to brochure

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Unisys ES7000 Model 7600R G1

Simplifying Data Center Management While Improving ROI

Intel® Xeon® 6-core processors-with up to 96 cores in 16 sockets, power an architecture that provides unsurpassed scalability.

A maximum of 1 TB of memory and a maximum of 56 PCie slots per system deliver a balanced architecture to support enterprise-class performance.

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Unisys Enterprise Servers

The Unisys ES7000 Model 7600R G3 Enterprise Server

The Unisys ES7000 Model 7600R G3 Enterprise Server delivers mission-critical performance in a standards-based environment. With the superior scalability of the ES7000 Model 7600R G3 server, you can be confident you have the power to succeed in tackling your most complex and demanding OLTP, database and virtualization environments.

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Complete Systems, Parts and Upgrades for the full line of Burroughs and Unisys Products.

Document Processing

Complete systems and parts for DP500, Quantum Series, NDP 850-2000, NDP30/30/110 Encoders. Depot Service and parts for Source NDP, WebSource and SmartSource Scanners.


Unisys ES Series

Full line of systems, upgrades and Parts for ES2000, ES3000, ES5000 ES7000 and ES7600 Intel based Servers.


Unisys Clearpath

Complete spares support on legacy NX, IX, Libra and Dorado Series MCP and 2200 O/S based Servers

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