SmartSource Series is the smart choice.

Unisys discontinued refurbished units and parts

Unisys, the company that brought you the Source NDP, the benchmark for distributed capture, performance and reliability, now offers the smartes distributed capture platform available - the Unisys SmartSource series.

Web Source ndp

The WebSource NDP leverages the intelligence, basic design and dependability of over 25,000 Source NDP's that have been shipped worldwide to provide the NEXT generation of distributed image capture.

The WebSource NDP provides the option to run in a true thin client environment, with an extensive suite of optional on-board capabilities. These features allow you to implement thin client processing without compromising your network bandwidth or security policies. The optional inclusion of on-board image

quality evaluation allows the user to correct problem items rather than incurring the cost and burden of correcting them at a later time.

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Unisys my vision x

The MyVision X is the most flexible scanner for retail and commercial tellers and large depositors with speed options of 30, 60 or 90 documents per minute (dpm) and 30 or 100-item hoppers.

With check volumes decreasing and per-item costs increasing, financial institutions are looking for new ways to reduce their check processing expenses. Remote capture and image exchange allows you to scan items at the first point of presentment. This eliminates most back office processing, improves float and identifies fraudulent items sooner.

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Utilizing over five decades of experience, Unisys designed a web device based on the latest technology with unique features to meet your needs. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it the ideal solution for front and back counter processing, in addition to retail, commercial and remote deposit capture enviroments.

Flexible document workflow is the smart choice. You'll find value in being able to make intelligent decisions base on codelines and front images taken early in the capture process - Should I endorse? Should I outsort quality defects or suspect Items?

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Complete Systems, Parts and Upgrades for the full line of Burroughs and Unisys Products.

Document Processing

Complete systems and parts for DP500, Quantum Series, NDP 850-2000, NDP30/30/110 Encoders. Depot Service and parts for Source NDP, WebSource and SmartSource Scanners.


Unisys ES Series

Full line of systems, upgrades and Parts for ES2000, ES3000, ES5000 ES7000 and ES7600 Intel based Servers.


Unisys Clearpath

Complete spares support on legacy NX, IX, Libra and Dorado Series MCP and 2200 O/S based Servers

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