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Power for Serious Storage

With an emphasis on "OPEN," our storage products we offer, EMC Symmetrix, EMC Clarriion disk subsystems and the full line of Storagetek tape subsystems that can easily integrate into your current system configuration.

Unisys ES Series of storage file servers provides high availability, scalability, ease of use, and a rapid return on investment. Flexible configurations allow for varying levels of availability -- from the protection of disk drives to internal clusters that provide continuous data access through any single point of failure. Systems also support a wide range of memory and disk configurations.


For more than 15 years, industry-leading EMC CLARiiON systems have helped over 25,000 businesses keep critical data available all the time—while meeting the most challenging service levels. Every CLARiiON system combines proven reliability and availability with top performance—all at an economical price. And all CLARiiON systems are simple to operate and upgrade—featuring a broad portfolio of advanced software to help you meet a wide range of requirements.

A wide range of solutions to meet your needs. Get the performance, consolidation capacity, and advanced capabilities that match your needs and budget. Choose from the entry-level CLARiiON AX150 to the CLARiiON CX3 model 80 —part of the EMC CLARiiON CX3 UltraScale series and the industry's most powerful midrange system.

Choose from the industry's leading series of midrange systems.

The powerful EMC CLARiiON CX3 UltraScale series delivers advanced storage capabilities not found in other midrange storage systems—including simple management tools, continuous data availability and integrity, industry-leading price/performance, data mobility, and scalability between multiple storage tiers. Choose from a range of models from affordable entry-level solutions to high-performance, maximum-capacity configurations for your most demanding requirements. All CX3 series arrays support advanced software including local replication for backup/restore—and remote replication for disaster recovery and data mobility. And application quality-of-service capabilities ensure you meet service levels for high-priority applications.

The easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solutions for SMBs and branch offices.

EMC CLARiiON AX150 networked storage systems provide powerful storage consolidation solutions to your small- to medium-sized business or branch offices. Simple to install and easy to manage, AX150 extends the proven CLARiiON architecture—providing connectivity choice (Fibre Channel or iSCSI), and integrated software functionality including: simple wizard-driven management, snapshot capabilities for backup/restore, and automated I/O path management—for optimal performance. All at an entry-level price.

EMS Symmetrix

EMC Symmetrix—the storage platform that revolutionized the storage industry—keeps bringing your business new innovations and advanced capabilities. Get highly available, high-performance storage that you can rely on today—while expanding quickly and easily in the future. More than 70,000 systems have been shipped worldwide since 1990—delivering constant data access, business continuity, and massive consolidation to organizations of all sizes.

Information-centric security, built-in.

At the core of all Symmetrix DMX systems is EMC Enginuity, the industry's most proven, innovative storage operating environment. Integrating advanced RSA security technology, the latest version of Enginuity reduces risk and improves compliance efforts with built-in information-centric security —which secures your people, infrastructure, and data.

Keep your information available—always.

Get exceptional availability with a fully fault-tolerant hardware design and front-to-back redundancy. DMX supports full non-disruptive operations, including software upgrades, data migration, configuration changes, and more. EMC Symmetrix is the most widely deployed and advanced business continuity platform ever—so you can trust it to protect your critical information. Remotely replicate and protect any amount of data with the EMC SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) family of software. Get high-performance local replication capabilities with the EMC TimeFinder family of software. And, the intuitive EMC Symmetrix Management Console makes it easy to manage and monitor Symmetrix systems and these software solutions.

Cut costs with in-the-box tiered storage.

Consolidate application tiers in one Symmetrix array for significant cost savings—and to meet a wide range of service level requirements. Tap high-end tiered storage to deploy Symmetrix DMX capabilities across application tiers. High-performance Fibre Channel drives support your mission-critical tier while low-cost high-capacity drives are the right choice for lower-tier data. The flexible Symmetrix Direct Matrix Architecture lets you scale to more than 1 petabyte in a single system, so you can meet your most aggressive growth requirements.

Support your most demanding workloads with the most powerful performance.

Symmetrix is the performance leader among high-end storage arrays—enabling you to deliver the highest levels of predictable performance. It provides 3x the processing power, 2x the memory, and nearly 2x the internal bandwidth of alternative systems. So you get the top performance you need to manage ever-escalating information growth. Optimize storage resources, centralize management, and reduce total cost of ownership. All with complete confidence that your information will be secure, safe, and available at all times.

Integrate seamlessly with key applications.

Symmetrix brings you comprehensive integration with the industry's leading applications and databases, such as Oracle and SAP—speeding deployment and reducing risk. And our long history of partnerships with server and operating system vendors—including Microsoft and IBM—provides continually cooperative support for your multi-vendor implementation. With Symmetrix, you get flawlessly interoperable solutions—rigorously tested and qualified by the industry-leading EMC eLab.

StorageTek Tape Libraries

StreamLineTM SL8500 The StreamLine™ SL8500 modular library system is StorageTek's flagship enterprise tape library. It is designed specifically to meet your data protection and archiving requirements. With its industry-leading reliability and accessibility, the SL8500 helps you mitigate risk and enable business continuity. It gives you the confidence that your data will be there when you need it, protected and accessible.
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StreamLine SL500 modular library system

The StreamLine™ SL500 modular library system is designed to meet mid-range data protection and archiving requirements with the market's most scalable, rack mounted tape automation solution. By balancing your current storage needs with future requirements, the SL500 helps increase your return on investment and keeps you from overspending today

L20 tape library

The L20 tape library delivers data protection and management for distributed NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments. Centralize your data and save costs with the automated L20 tape library. Designed for plug-and-play, low-cost, unattended data backup, the L20 tape library is perfect for small workgroups, branch offices or remote sites; it can even operate in autoloader mode. The L20 tape library includes the Library Status Tool to manage your administrative tasks offsite. StorageTek's L20 tape library provides you with ultra-reliable, cost-effective backup and recovery.

L40 tape library

The L40 tape library is affordable and high-performance data management for demanding NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments. Combining StorageTek's high-speed robotics with innovative upgradeability, the L40 tape library solves growing data backup needs.

L80 tape library

The L80 tape library is ideal for mid-size NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments with data-dense, throughput-intensive requirements. Multiple upgrade paths protect your investment allowing you to easily expand your system when needed.

L180 tape library

The L180 tape library from StorageTek® provides cost-effective data protection and archiving for mid-sized, distributed, open systems environments. It is an ideal solution for consolidating manual backup operations into an automated solution. You can reduce business risk and be confident that accurate and complete backups will occur as planned, without human intervention.

L700e (single frame or dual frame) library

With up to 678 slots in a single-frame configuration or 1,344 slots in a dual frame configuration, the StorageTek® L700e tape library is designed to grow with your business. This extremely scalable automated tape library is ideal for larger distributed, Open Systems, UNIX and Windows NT environments.

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Complete Systems, Parts and Upgrades for the full line of Burroughs and Unisys Products.

Document Processing

Complete systems and parts for DP500, Quantum Series, NDP 850-2000, NDP30/30/110 Encoders. Depot Service and parts for Source NDP, WebSource and SmartSource Scanners.


Unisys ES Series

Full line of systems, upgrades and Parts for ES2000, ES3000, ES5000 ES7000 and ES7600 Intel based Servers.


Unisys Clearpath

Complete spares support on legacy NX, IX, Libra and Dorado Series MCP and 2200 O/S based Servers

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