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The ClearPath Libra 460 Server is an open mainframe system for organizations with core business solutions that demand uncompromised transaction integrity, impenetrable security, and uninterrupted transaction processing for a broad range of computing environments. This server delivers all of the traditional mainframe attributes, plus valuable new business characteristics such as diverse computing workloads, flexible buying models, popular software standards, powerful integration middleware, and excellent productivity economics.

The ClearPath Libra 460 Server is the fully featured, entry level quad-core Intel® Xeon® processor-based mainframe system for MCP environments. This server running MCP and Microsoft® Windows® operating systems delivers all of the traditional mainframe attributes, a wealth of valuable business characteristics, and a flexible modular design. Object-code compatible with all members of the MCP family of products, the Libra 460 Server provides both the high speed and high reliability of a Unisys online transaction processing environment and the ease of use and personnel productivity offered by the Microsoft® Windows® 2008 R2 (x64 bit operating environment).

Libra Model 460 Servers support a high level of infrastructure flexibility for the agile enterprise, including a choice of hardware technologies, operating environments and applications, growth options, integration software, and even buying models. The overall design maximizes the return on your current IT investment and gives you the agility to quickly and effectively respond to new challenges and business opportunities.

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Key Specifications Include:

The ClearPath Libra Model 460 Server offers exceptional business value based on these improved mainframe hardware and software attributes:

  • New-generation quad-core Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Capacity on Demand Options (that is, temporary performance key, disaster recovery key)
  • Flexible software licensing options
  • High-volume, mission-critical transaction processing
  • High performance interoperability
  • Powerful middleware for application, Internet, message, and data integration in heterogeneous environments using popular industry standards
  • Application access through web, web services, mobile phones and tablets - and so forth
  • Powerful service-oriented architecture (SOA) capabilities to allow existing ClearPath MCP applications to participate in SOA or to build new SOA services
  • Extensive MCP software portfolio with true mainframe attributes
  • A suite of mainframe application development tools
  • Low-cost development environments
  • Tape encryption for external tape subsystems
  • Remote management card
  • Improved single-thread performance
  • Support for internal Solid State Disk
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • High capacity internal storage options

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